Message From CMD

Message From CMD

SS SachdevaAll companies of Apex Group believe in the core value that ‘The secret behind Success’ depends on ‘People’ from all spheres of life. I have founded it with an aim to provide a better life to the people by improving the quality of life and increasing the standard of living. All our projects are envisioned with an intention to enhance the quality of life of the people around us by providing world class products and services. Our goal is to provide continuous improvement of technical and delivery capabilities and a sustained growth through ever-improving financial results. Keeping in mind the intensity at which we work, we are clearly making the qualitative and quantitative targets that must be achieved by the employees within the stipulated timeframe. This requires timely formulation and implementation of detailed action plans, clearly defining the roles and timelines, which each member of our management and staff of the group are working towards. Our key strategy is delivery of a project on time and within budget, improving product and service quality, outreach competition with a new idea. We are aggressively exploring new markets with a clear aim of becoming a leader in this industry.

As we continue to grow and as our businesses become increasingly complex, a shared and well-communicated corporate philosophy is more important. Our actions will occasionally fall short of our aspirations because as human beings we are not perfect. But such gaps need to be rectified by reviewing and take utmost care to live up to our values and corporate philosophy. And we are committed to adhere to social obligations by following specified norms of legal, environmental, and ethical practices. We thank our team for their talent, dedication and efforts. Their efforts and contributions make us what it is today and what it will become in the future. Your continued dedication will ensure our success.

Sh. Satnam Singh Sachdeva
Apex Group


“We deliver what we commit”  In my life Commitment is a big part of what I am and what I believe. There’s that moment every morning when I look in the mirror. I ask myself I’m committed, or not? Thus, I am always prepared to meet the commitments toward my customer, channel partner, suppliers, craftsmen and designers.

I try my buildings are landmarks in their respective locations.

My incredible growth has always believed in transcending the boundaries of imagination to achieve dream of putting India’s urban infrastructure on the same pedestal as the finest developments of the affluent world.

I hope that the following year will be one with greater achievements, like the one gone by. All the best to my entire management team even I’m nothing without my team .

Mr.  S a n d e e p  B a t r a
Director –Apex Group